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The transport sector of Bangladesh consists of a variety of modes. The country being a flat plain, all three modes of surface transport, i.e. road, railway and water are widely used in carrying both passengers and cargo.
More than half of Bangladesh have access to an all-weather hard surface road within 3 miles distance.There has been a dramatic expansion of road network in recent years. In 1947 there were only 461.8 kilometers of metalled roads. In 1997, the total length of paved road under the Roads and Highways Department stood at more than 20,000 kilometers. It is estimated that mechanized road transport carry about 70% of the country's total passenger and cargo volume.
In recent years. construction of a number of bridges such as the Bangabandhu Jamuna Bridge, Meghna Bridge. Meghna-Gumti Bridge, Bangladesh-China Friendship Bridge, Shambhuganj Bridge and Mahananda Bridge have been completed. The 4.8 km long Bangabandhu Bridge which has been opened to traffic in June, 1998, is the eleventh longest in the world. It has established a strategic link between the East and the West of Bangladesh has integrated the country, is generating multifaceted benefits to the people and promoting inter-regional trade. Apart from quick movement of goods and passenger traffic, it is faci1 itating transmission of electricity and natural gas and has inte­grated the telecommunication links.
About 32% of the total area of Bangladesh is effectively covered by the railways. State­owned Bangladesh Railway operates a track of 2706 kilometer, employs about 60,000 people, owns a fleet of 307 locomotives, 1240 coaching vehicles and I L643 freight wagons, and provides passenger and cargo services through 502 stations.
About two-thirds of Bangladesh is a wetland laced with a dense network of rivers, canals and creeks. Water transport is the only means available in nearly 10% of' the total area. The navigable waterways vary between 8372 kilometer during the monsoon to 5200 kilometer during the dry season. Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority has been established by the government for maintenance of navigability of ports and channels while the state-owned BIWTC provide passenger and cargo services in inland waterways and coastal areas of the country.
The entire coast along the Bay of Bengal is 710 kilometer Iong.There are two major ports in the country. Chittagong, the oldest port, has been an entry-port for at least 1000 years. The Mongla port in Khulna region serves the western part of Bangladesh.
There are now 11 operational airports in Bangladesh. These are Dhaka, Barisal. Chit­tagomig. Comilla, Cox' s Bazar, Ishurdi,Jessore, Rajshahi, Syedpur, Sylhet and Thakurgaon. Of these, the airports at Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet serve international routes. Air The Civil Aviation Authority is a public sector entity entrusted to construct, maintain and supervise airports and regulate air traffic.The national flag carrier Biman flies to 26 inter­national and 8 domestic destinations.
Bangladesh can be reached by air from any part of the world. Biman Bangladesh airlines connects Dhaka with 27 major cities of the world. Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Athens, Bang­kok, Bombay, Calcutta, Doha, Dubai, Jeddah, Karachi, Kathmandu, Kualalumpur, London, Muscat, Dhahran, Baghdad, Kuwait, Yangoon, Rome, Tripoli, Tokyo, Singapore, Baharin, Frankfurt, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong,Jakarta, Sarjah, Seoul, Riyadh and Delhi.
Besides Biman, several other (international) carriers also fly to and from Dhaka. Biman, Bangladesh Airlines also connects Dhaka with Chittagong, Jessore, Cox's Bazar, Rajshahi Saidpur and Sylhet in its 7 domestic routes. (Biman, Bangladesh Airlines, Ph: 9560151-9; Enquiry & Reservations).
  Foreign Airlines:  
Trans World Airlines Inc.: Ph:880-2-9552491, 9552208
Air France: Ph: 880-2-9568277,9563050,9551338,
Japan Airlines: Ph: 880-2-9129322,9129710
Indian Airlines: Ph: 880-2-9555915, 9557813, 8912205 (Airport)
Kuwait Airways: Ph: 880-2-9110238,9118829(City) 8914215(Airport)
British Airways: Ph: 880-2-9564869-72,8914410,8912467(Airport)
Lufthansa: Ph: 880-2-8618995,8611191
Myanmar Airlines International: Ph: 880-2-8810579-80
United Airlines: Ph: 880-2-9556538-9,
Cathay Pacific: Ph: 880-2-9559390,9559721,9557117
Pan Am: Ph: 880-2-95 54369
Gulf Air: Ph: 880-2-8113237-40
PIA: Ph: 880-2-8312985,8823023
Singapore Airlines: Ph: 880-2-8828769,8828774,8811504-8
Emirates: Ph: 880-2-9563825-29,9563830
Swiss Air: Ph: 880-2-8821908,8822376
Korean Air: Ph:880-2-9563817-9
Saudia Ph: 880-2-8116859-60,(City) 8914436, 8914341(Airport)
Malayasian Airlines: Ph:880-2-9885479, 9885480
Thai International: Ph: 880-2-8314711-9,8914351 (Airport)
Qatar Airways, Ph: 880-2-9563050,9564945
Royal Nepal Airlines: Ph:880-2-9550423, 9559353
Qantas: Ph: 880-2-9886634-7
KLM: Ph: 880-2-8113005,9116519
Philippines Airlines: Ph:880-2-411488
Air litalia: Ph: 880-2-9551673
Continental Airlines: Ph:880-2-9565386-1
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