Categories Available ...
  Information Technology Experts   Vehicle/Heavy Equipment/Operator
  Computer Graphic Designers   Car Driver
  Computer Graphic Designers Webpage   Truck Driver
  Designers Interior Designers Computer   Heavy truck/Trailer Driver
  Operators Computer Hardware engineers   Forklift Operator
      Crane Operator
  Hotel and Catering Staff   Motor Grader Operator
  Cleaning Labour Cooks   Dozer Operator
  Assistant Cooks Waiters   Backhoe Operator
  Waiters   Roller Operator
  Assistant Chef(Food or Pastry)   Scrapper Operator
  Chef(Food or Pastry) Supervisors   Auto Mechanic
  Assistant Manager   Diesel Engine Mechanic
  Restaurant Manager   Heavy Duty Mechanic
  Security Officers Assistant   Oiler/Lublricant Man
  House-Keeper House   Mechanical Foreman
  Keeper   Road Excavation/Earth
  Engineering   Air-condition/ Electric/Electronic
  Electrical Engineer(BE)   Air-conditioning Mechanic
  Mechanical Engineer(BE)   Duct Manufacture
  Laboratory Engineer(BE)   Duct Electro
  Civil Engineer(BE)   Light Duty Electrician
  Architects/Planners(BE)   Electrician
      Dynamo/Electric Motor Repairman
  Building, General, Constructions Lab   Electric Technician
  Cleaning Labour   Industrial electrician
  Construction Labour Mason Finisher/Plaster   Electrical foreman
  Mason Bric Layer   Power Plant Operator
  Steel Fixer/Steel Bender Carpenter   Generator Mechanic/Telephone
  Furniture Plumber/Well paper Painter   Technician
  Tile/Marble setters Carpenter Foreman    
  Structural Foreman Steel Bender foreman   Office Management
  Mason Foreman   Office boy
  Construction Superintendent   Tea boy
      Typist (English)
  Oil Field Construction/Steel Fabrication   Typist (Arabic)
  Welder   Telephone Operators
  Pipe Fitter   Secretary (Arabic & English)
  Rigger (Refinery)   Clerk
  Machinist   Assistant Accountants
  The Manpower is Categorized also as under   Store Keeper
  Un-skilled Ordinary Labor   Purchaser
  Semi-skilled Cook, Water   Assistant Manager
  Janitorial Worker.   Manager
  Skilled Carpenter, Mason, Painter.    
  Senior Skilled & Heavy Equipment    
  Operatopr, Mechanic.    
  Highly Skilled Senior Foreman.    
  Surveyor, Administrator, Supervisor    
  Professional Engneers, Doctors,    
  Charter Accountants and Qulified    
  Nurses (Male & Female).    
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